ANAMNESIS is an interactive installation inviting the audience to explore sexual fantasies, perversions and fetishes. Moving through a human landscape, you will discover unusual places and encounter people who found their satisfaction in them. Listen and they will share their stories.

Created for Science Museum London in collaboration with Alessia Arcuri / February 2015

Bored Machines / IDEO Fortnight

To apply for IDEO's Fortnight residency I had to 'visually' answer two questions:

Why should we pick you? - A video about who I am and how I work.

What will you do in our 2 week residency? - Bored Machines - my proposal for changing the interaction with 3 common appliances in order to give them more personality. I ended up building the 'Fanboy'.

IDEO Fanboy - reminding birthdays and other excuses to party

Fanboy is connected to Google calendar and keeps checking for birthdays and other events worth celebrating. On those days, he tweets 'happy birthday' and when someone comes close to it, turns itself on, blows the party blower and displays what is the occasion. 

Created during my 2-week residency at IDEO London

Plant-in City - semi-autonomous urban growing

During my internship with Carlos Gomez de Llarena (Oct-Nov 2015, NYC) I have rebuilt the software and electronics for his Plant-in City installation. I have also created a smaller version that anyone can build following my tutorial.

The Guitar Project - work in progress

An exploration of possible ways to control effects while playing the guitar. This first prototype uses an accelerometer, a proximity sensor and a thumb-stick to control a delay effect. An Arduino Micro takes values from the inputs and drives three digital potentiometers based on them.

AidBnB - initiative proposal for Airbnb

Aidbnb is an easy way for the Airbnb community to help those in need and encourage others to join. Each night booked on Airbnb would also pay for one 'bed and breakfast' in an emergency camp in areas affected by a disaster. The donors would receive personal messages from people in these camps. No other charity or organisation establishes a connection on this level. Sharing these messages on social networks would promote Airbnb as a company with a positive social impact and encourage others to join.

Animation & Video Showreel

Buttonless Radio - product concept

Concept of a button-less radio. The stations are tuned by moving the ring horizontally and the volume can be adjusted by rotating it. 

BlindWatch - app concept

Concept of a clock/timer app one doesn't need to look at to find out the time. Created during my study exchange at Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen.