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Jacob Jelen

Hi, I'm Jacob.

Product Designer


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I’ll help you understand the problem you’re solving and develop great solutions using
the magic and witchcraft of modern tech.
Let's build shit together!
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I have worked with

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I'm really good at

Creative Innovation

Seeing opportunities in problems and coming up with ideas quickly.

Tech & Blockchain

Good understanding of modern tech and blockchain enabled fields.

Common Sense

Ability to see a situation through many lenses and focus on the important parts.

Product Design & Strategy

Understanding the project needs and translating them into actionables


Quickly testing hypotheses and building MVPs using modern design and tech tools.

Mentoring & Facilitation

Helping others be confident and use their own expertise in a creative process.

CUE Sense 

Enabling the visually impaired to engage in non-verbal communication


A platform that brings transparency and objectivity to the world of online media

Plant-in City 

Semi-autonomous system for urban growing


Installation about fetishes and sexual obsessions

IDEO Fanboy 

IOT office companion that never forgets your birthday


From big creative agencies to small tech startups, I’ve enjoyed many creative challenges and shaped products for the likes of Nike, Google and Ikea. My work was exhibited in the Science Museum, Design Museum, V&A and a number of festivals.


That’s all in the past now. I am currently most interested in blockchain and web3 as I believe the technology and ideology of this field can have a great positive impact on humanity.

Full CV here!


Let's talk...

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