Jacob Jelen

Hi! I'm Jacob

Designer &


based in London.

I see technology as the great facilitator. The wheel.
The fire. Design is what decides how it touches our lives. I step into other people’s shoes, into minds of machines and I immerse myself in complex systems. I think about what should be done and how to do it. I think about what could be done and ask whether it should. I try, test, fail, learn and try again. 




Personal wellbeing assistant that keeps an eye on your physical and mental health


A platform that brings transparency and objectivity to the world of online media

CUE Sense 

Enabling the visually impaired to engage in non-verbal communication

Plant-in City 

Semi-autonomous system for urban growing


Installation about fetishes and sexual obsessions

IDEO Fanboy 

IOT office companion that never forgets your birthday

Buttonless Radio 

Product concept

IkeaDecor Cover IMG (00058).jpg
IKEA Decor  

Google Tango enabled app lets you try entire new decors tailored to your home 


Biomaterial made of banana peels

Animation & Video showreel

Hi! I'm Jacob

Technosy Designerd, Futurescuer & Enviromancer

Currently, I manage R&D and innovation at Arborea.

In the past, I have co-founded CUE Sense to use technology to help visually impaired people socialise and have helped design products and services for Nike, Google and Ikea. My work was exhibited in the Science Museum, Design Museum, V&A and a number of festivals. 


Previously worked at AKQA, Takram, Med44, Hirsch&Mann etc.

MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering 

Royal College of Art & Imperial College


BA Interaction Design Arts

London College of Communication


Full CV here!


Hit me up at jacobjelen@gmail.com or on social nets. 

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