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Interactive installation about fetishes and sexual obsessions


ANAMNESIS invites the audience to explore sexual fantasies, perversions and fetishes. Moving through the landscape of human bodies you will discover unusual places and encounter people who found their satisfaction in them. Listen and they will share their stories.


Commisioned by Science Museum London / February 2015.  In collaboration with Alessia Arcuri /

The Brief 

Science Museum asked us to create an experience for their Lates event about sexuality. It had to engage a number of people at once and be interesting for observers and easy to understand.


For inspiration, we researched what sexuality and attraction mean in various cultures all over the world. Attraction is often associated with unnatural and fairly extreme features, often frowned upon by other cultures. 


However, we soon realised that these differences are much more intriguing and fine on the personal level. Therefore we decided to focus on fetishes and individual obsessions. 

We created a landscape of human bodies that hides 16 audio-transducers playing people's confessions about their fetishes. They were only audible through stethoscope that we have handed out to visitors. They 'played doctors' and discover these 'deviations' for themselves. 

These stories and secrets were collected from over 100 users of Reddit. We have put out a call on a number of groups and were pleasantly surprised how many people willingly shared their experiences. Some of them very poetic, some downright dirty....




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