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IDEO Fanboy

Fanboy is always up for a party. He lives in IDEO's London office and keeps checking their Google calendar for birthdays and other things worth celebrating to remind everyone when IT'S TIME TO PARTY!


Created during my Fortnight Residency 2015 at IDEO London. The competition brief was asking for a project that asks questions about people and technology. I was thinking about what happens with all the technology and appliances when they stop being used.

bored machines.jpg

Fanboy is one of my Bored Machines series. The first one who got a physical body so far.


'The Gambler' will only toast your bread if you win.
'Fanboy' follows movement and turns itself on when someone comes close to it.
'Kinky Ketty' gets boiling when you pat her on the handle.

Interaction with these machines would get people to develop a certain relationship with them and not see them just as tools. Hopefully, this would also act against the way we tend to think about these appliances nowadays - as cheap, disposable things with short lifespan ending in landfills.

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