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Image by Virender Singh

Ikea decor

Augmented reality app that lets IKEA’s customers easily scan their interiors and try whole new styles in one click. It is like flipping through the IKEA catalogue where every room is your room.

The Brief 

Google ATAP approached AKQA to explore use cases for their new augmented reality technology Tango, soon to be introduced in Lenovo smartphones. At the same time, IKEA, another client of AKQA, was experimenting with AR/VR. Me and 2 other designers were tasked with creating a product/service concept utilising Google’s technology for IKEA.

Google Tango Technology

Lenovo Phab2 Pro was the first commercial smartphone with the Tango Technology. 

It enabled 3D scanning and interior navigation by stitching together the data from the phone's visual camera, depth camera and motion sensors.


Most of us have been through the process of refurbishing a place. We know the IKEA experience. However, our user interviews have revealed that while there is a lot to enjoy, some parts are dreaded by almost everyone. Further research about IKEA itsefl also yielded surprising facts. For example that their canteens make more revenue than their online stores.

User Journey.png
Customer insights

Selecting all the furniture to fit the space, style and budget is a major pain point


Tend to do bigger renovations less often.


Struggle to turn a Pinterest board into reality

Business insights

IKEA makes more revenue from meatballs than from their online sales

Small purchases are estimated to be a substantial part of the revenue

75% of the catalogue images are renders, not photos


AR app that lets you walk through your house and see the future interior overlaid on top of it. Not your style? You can try a whole different one with one click or just swap some items.

Key Features​​
  • Easily scan, store and edit a virtual map your interiors

  • Have styles generated to your taste, budget and space

  • View furniture sets in AR on location or VR on the go

  • Create inspiration boards or link to your Pinterest

  • Share and collaborate on designs with others

Scanning the room​​

Assuming the user has an empty room, the first step is to scan it.

Selecting A style​​

Users can select entire styles from IKEA, or other users.


Individual elements of the style can be easily swapped in few clicks

Value for customers
Easy measuring and planning
Trying entire new interior styles
Makes realisation of the vision much easier
Value for IKEA
New platform for visual mechandising
Enables confident online sales
Customer loyalty through better experience
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