Ikea decor

Tango enabled app that let’s users create virtual scan of their home and easily try out entire new styles that fit. It is like flipping through the Ikea catalog where every room is your room.



Easily scan and store a virtual map your home

Create inspiration boards or link to your Pinterest


Have styles generated to your taste, budget and space


View furniture combinations in augmented reality (AR) on location and on the go


Share and collaborate with family and housemates on designs

The Brief 

AKQA and Google partnered to promote Google’s augmented reality platform Tango, soon to be introduced in Lenovo smartphones. My team had 3 weeks to design an app for one of AKQA’s many clients utilising this technology. Since Tango is particularly good at remembering interior spaces, we saw a great oppourtunity with IKEA.

key insights 

Selecting all the furniture to fit the space, style and budget is a major pain point

People tend to do bigger renovations less often. 

Most people struggle to turn their Pinterest board into reality

IKEA makes more revenue from meatballs then from their online store