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In the world of ever-present virtual personal assistants, Myrra is the one that cares about your health and wellbeing. It uses its conversational skills and superhuman observation abilities to get to know you and be able to tell when something is a bit off. Over time, it gets to know you and recognises patterns you might have missed yourself. It helps you identify your struggles and aspirations and helps you improve your habits for a happier and healthier life.


We live in a world where companies like Amazon, Facebook or Google collect our personal data, analyse our behaviour and have a deep understanding of our psychology. Strangely, there is nothing that would help us collect and analyse our own data in this way, help us be more self-aware and manage our wellbeing. 

The World Health Organisation predicts that depression is going to be the number one cause of disability globally by 2030. Mental health has only recently started being considered at least as important as physical health. Although there is still a long way to go, interest in mindfulness and healthy productive lifestyle is on the rise.



Using its human-like conversation ability and superhuman observation skills, Myrra gets to know you and can tell what mood you are in. It can provide small tips and insights for immediate improvement. When you are busy, it will help you make a to-do list. When nervous about a presentation, it will help you rehearse in front of the mirror and get into the right mindset.


Myrra knows mindfulness techniques, mental hygiene, elements of CBT and other useful things to help you deal with negative thoughts. Should it get too bad though, it will point you to another human or professional. 


On the positive side of the well-being spectrum are your aspirations and living your life to its fullest potential. Whatever it is you want to achieve, a lot of it comes down to having the right mindset and the right habits and routines. 


Your day starts and finishes in your bathroom. Myrra builds on your existing bathroom routines, keeps an eye on your health and well-being, and leads you to a happier, healthier and more productive lifestyle.

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Self-help tips and activities
Certain key phrases and signs will prompt it to provide a helpful tip or a technique to lighten your mood. Breathing exercises to calm you down when you are nervous or setting little goals for the day. It can also recognise thinking traps, point them out to you and help you get out of them.

Journal and mood diary.
Myrra records your moods and thoughts over time to help you more objectively reflect on various elements of your life. It can remind you past events when you ask about them or when they are relevant. If you have questions about certain parts of your life, activities or relationships, Myrra can help answer them based on observations and data associated with them.

Improving your habits
By interacting with you every day, Myrra can help you create better daily rituals to boost your productivity and improve your life in general. This includes visualising, planning and reflecting on your days, gratitude journals or simply nudging you to get up a bit earlier.


Reaching Help
When Myrra recognises that you are having an anxiety attack or a very low mood, it will reach out to a preset contact. This could be someone close to you, your doctor or an emergency telephone line.


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