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Nike PROfile

PROfile is a personal athletic record of runner, accessible across shops, gyms and other specialists in the network. It consists of a customer’s purchases, fitness activity tracked through existing apps and gait analysis records.


The Brief 

Specialist running shops have communities of committed athletes who shape the sport from the grass-root level. Nike has somewhat neglected this community in the past. Our task was to utilise Nike's brand and resources to help these small retailers who struggle to compete with big chains and sometimes even Nike's own stores.

key insights 


  • Most people buy Nike trainers based on looks, not on the purpose

  • Misses out on some of the most committed runners due to inadequate customer service in their flagship stores



  • Experience scattered among apps, brands and services

  • Many tend to go to a specialist only after a bad experience or injury from inappropriate equipment

  • Often use apps and devices for performance and equipment tracking

Speciality Running Shops

  • Loyal customer base and community

  • Can’t compete with big retail chains on the price but they provide a much better service, expertise and personal touch

  • Lack resources for marketing and advertising


Speciality retailers are currently not included in the Nike eco-system. PROfile creates a network where retailers can collaborate, rather than compete, and where the customers get easy access to the same standard of service regardless of location. This new network extends the existing Nike+ ecosystem in a synergic, mutually beneficial manner.



The user-facing app stores data about your athletic achievements, goals and gear as well as notes from the previous specialist you have spoken to. Wherever you are, it can point you to the nearest speciality shop where you can share this information with the staff to get the best possible service. Should you have any questions about your past purchases, you can always contact the seller directly within the app.


Speciality Retailers

Specialist retailers within the network can build a database of past customers and sales in their PROfile dashboard. They can use this for promotions, events or new products and services. The dashboard also provides tools for better stock and order management. 



Nike would gain an understanding of the speciality market and be able to better tailor their products and services to the most committed runners and athletes. 


“It’s a neat idea, it’d be so useful to help me get the right equipment.”

~ Phil, Runner & Golfer

“Most people barely know what brand of shoes they wear every day, let alone the type or model, so it’d be handy to see a history.”


~ Lou, London City Runner

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