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Plant-in city

A hybrid architecture system that seeks to redefine our relationships with plants.

The project consists of stackable frames which can be assembled in many configurations to fit in any space. These feature embedded microcomputers, sensors and actuators that monitor the environment in order to react to predefined conditions: plants are automatically watered when the soil becomes dry, LED lights turned on when night arrives and sounds can be heard reflecting the level of comfort that plants have in a space. Remote data monitoring and irrigation controls from a smartphone are also available through a website.

I have worked on this project while working with Med44 in New York City.


My role: Coding of the control system, Prototyping a small-scale open source version


© Med44 / GitHub


Arduino Yun functions as a web server hosting a simple interface and storing sensor data. Timings for irrigating and lighting the plant can be set here.


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