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Unfold is a news aggregate platform bringing context and transparency to the way we consume information. 

The current media landscape is mostly unregulated - there are no sanctions for lying or spreading misinformation. Value of expertise and quality journalism is disappearing and even high quality journalism is forced to compete for views, likes and shares. 

Unfold promotes good journalistic standards and provides technological tools for analysing, verifying and contextualising news articles. 



Project by News World Order Collective: Jacob Jelen, Ahlad Reddy, Elena Falomo, Olly Donovan.

Exhibited and Presented at 

2018 - V&A - A Vote for Whom? 

2018 - Design Museum - Alt-Age: Designing Belief


Good journalistic standards is what separates the reputable and trustworthy media from tabloids. Unfold aims to establish a shared ethical and professional codex as a benchmark for quality journalism. 


Various computational tools are used to evaluate if an article meets these standards. These tools can help raise red flags on unethical content that contains such things like misleading information or hate speech. Third party fact-checking services are also used to verify statements and numbers and judge the truthfulness of a media outlet.



Analysing large amounts articles enables us to generate scores of coverage for each topic, outlet and even journalist. We can see if specific outlets are under or over-reporting certain stories and where their sentiment lies in those stories or public figures.


We use natural language processing and meta-data to extract keywords, names, events and other information for each article. This information is used to interlink articles to relevant contextual information. The readers can ‘unfold’ the article as they go along, uncovering contextual information and opinions across the political spectrum. Reading the news thus becomes a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style experience, letting you explore your interests and become a better informed reader.


Unfold Bagde 

Great content is rewarded with a digital badge of verification, a token of quality journalism and intellectual commitment. This badge travels with the content wherever it is shared online, and doubles as a link to the Unfold profile of it’s creator. This makes it easy to find high quality content not just in the Unfold app, but also on social networks and rest of the world wide web.


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