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Generative Masks 

In collaboration with Abnormal Design, I have created an installation for Science Museum's Year of Engineering. We helped about 600 children over 3 days to make their unique Halloween maks and learn about generative design. You can make your own here.

She said Yes! 

I'm not the kind of a person who could just go and buy an engagement ring. I am too cheap and too nerdy for that. So I have done my research and designed one from scratch. Then I have had a 3D scan of myself kneeling 3D printed. And she said yes... 

Anvil Hack 

I did my first proper hackathon at the Goldsmiths Univesity. I saw many people going around asking for a specific component or advice and had an idea for a project! I have written a program that lets people message what they need or what they can offer to a specific phone number. The program then matches this supply and demand and connects the people. This won me one of the prizes, a toy robot. But if I'm to play with a robot, it is going to be one I've built myself. So I decided to give it to the youngest participant of the hackaton. Her smile was totally worth it.