Generative Masks 

In collaboration with Abnormal Design, I have created an installation for Science Museum's Year of Engineering. We helped about 600 children over 3 days to make their unique Halloween maks and learn about generative design. You can make your own here.

Finally Married! 
Me and my amazing wife wrote a song as a little surprise for all our wedding guests. It's was recorded in on the microphone in my laptop and as you can tell we are not really musicians. But hey, it was fun and we had great wedding day. 
She said Yes! 

I'm not the kind of a person who could just go and buy an engagement ring. I am too cheap and too nerdy for that. So I have done my research and designed one from scratch. Then I have had a 3D scan of myself kneeling 3D printed. And she said yes... 

Anvil Hack 

I did my first proper hackathon at the Goldsmiths Univesity. I saw many people going around asking for a specific component or advice and had an idea for a project! I have written a program that lets people message what they need or what they can offer to a specific phone number. The program then matches this supply and demand and connects the people. This won me one of the prizes, a toy robot. But if I'm to play with a robot, it is going to be one I've built myself. So I decided to give it to the youngest participant of the hackaton. Her smile was totally worth it.